Natural Hair Blues

As you can tell by the title, I have really been in a rough place with my natural hair.  I guess I should shed some light on my little natural hair journey for those of you who did not know I was natural.  I have been natural for a little over 2 years now and my decision to go natural was based on me just wanting to try something new and also just sort of wanting see what my natural hair actually looked like. I will be honest and say that at first I tried to connect it to me being a Christian and saying I wanted to be closer to how God made my hair to be and be ok with that but I found that I wasn’t really being honest about it. Truth be told though, this is how God made my hair. No straight hair, so smooth curls, but some coils and kinks. Pictured below is a close up of my actual head of hair.

If you can’t tell, this is a picture of how my hair looks when it is not detangled or freshly washed and conditioned (bare with me lol). This is actually a picture of the state my hair is in right now (not the full scope, too embarrest for that). One side of my hair is is shorter and thinner than the other, making styling a dreadful task. I would say I have low porosity hair with medium/coarse texture and medium density. I would say I have a contton life feel to my hair (maybe wiry in some areas) and tight spiral pattern in some areas (O pattern) and some zigzag patterns (S/Lpattern) in other areas and I have a low sheen. It grows at an average rate; about a ½ an inch a month. I don’t like the whole hair typing thing because its not always acurate and everyone’s hair is different. This is due in part to the fact that people can have multiple texturs and curl patterns in their hair. For example, the front of my hair is has a tighter coil than the back which looks like a loose 4A type pattern, and middle of my hair has little to no curl definition and is a lot thicker than the rest of my hair. In fact I feel I have little to no defintion all over but this closeup is decieving lol. Over these two years I believe I lost density somewhere along the way and I’m not sure why, heck it could just be me. That issue is not the only issue I am havng with my hair, and to be honest I am starting question whether natural was ever for me.

So anywho, now that we got all that technical hair typing stuff out of the way I would like to jump into my issue. Natural hair, for me, is a win/lose type of situation. Like some days I will have bomb hair that feels moisturized and fresh and lovely. Other days (most days) my hair has a mind of it’s own and it doesn’t cooperate with anything I try to do to it. That LOC method you hear a lot of naturals talk about does not always work for me and in fact makes my hair feel like it has too much in it sometimes. Being that my hair is more kinky than it is curly (4B/4C I guess), it is a lot harder to keep it moisturized and quite frankly just a lot harder to manage. Natural hair in general can be pretty hard to manage because its more delicate and needs more TLC than naturally straight or chemically relaxed hair. When I was relaxed it was a heck of a lot easier to do my hair and I wasn’t always buying new crap to put in it. I stuck to what I knew, which I might add wasn’t necessarily the best thing for me. I semi regularly visited my hair stylist when I was relaxed as opposed to now in which case I don’t go to “natural hair” stylist at all. I have straightened my hair once since I have been natural and that was to check my length when I reached my two year mark and you can see this pictured below. I blow my hair out maybe once every 2 or 3 months when I want easier managability and less manipulation. I find that I fo long without touching my hair when it is in a protective style or when it is stretched.

Having natural hair has been fun at times because I like to play around with different styles and be able to wear it kinky or straight. But I am afraid I have grown quite bored with it and I want to try something different to get out of this natural hair blues I have currently been in. One thing that has been on my mind is whether or not to just do a second big chop and that is due to the fact that my hair is not in the best state right now and I think shorter natural hair was a lot easier for me to manage. I am thinking about getting a tapered TWA or tapered afro which would be quite drastic for me and probably the only style that I would consider going to a professional stylist or barber for. One reason I would also say bye bye to my medium length tresses is because I find that it leads me to being too much into my hair, which is strange for me to say considering when I had short hair I was the same way BUT longer natural hair by far has proven harder to deal with. Ironically enough, my husband seems to be telling me these days that my hair seems to never be done and I feel like he is right because I almost never do much to my hair anymore because it takes too long. I don’t even put braids or twists in because I can never seem to sit through it. I have heard that tapered natural hair is harder to handle because it requires a lot more maintenance but aside from keeping the back and sides tapered I really don’t see how hard it could be. Once I see the shape it is cut into it will be a little easier for me to maintain myself as far as cutting it goes but I don’t want to bight off more than I can chew. Below are some of the tapered styles I have had my eye on and I am no stranger to tapered hair. When I was relaxed I had a pixie cut that I would not mind getting again; void of a relaxer of course. I’ll show you that too.

So these styles are really cute to me and I am are a lot similar in style. I like that the sides are shaved really low and I they look quite feminine. As far as my face shape I think I would fit most if not all of these styles because most of these ladies’ face shape is similar to mine. I told you I would show you what my relaxed hair used to look like and you can find that pictured below. In short, I am starting to feel a little defeated by my hair and it is definitely time for a change. I will say that my hair is not as healthy as it could be and that is something I need to work on amongst other things. But essentially this natural hair blues has got to go!

So tell me what do you all think, to cut or not to cut? How do you ladies out their deal with your natural hair blues?


As always thanks for reading and grace and peace to you all. =)


New Blog Alert!

So I have decided to start a new blog called Modestly Be(you)tiful and its mostly geared towards women but I think young people and men may find it interesting and engaging also.  Men are definitely encouraged to visit my blog even though a lot of the posts will be directed towards women.  I think it will give men some good insight into the lives of women and also through my posts God may show you something.  I think its also a chance for me to reach those who maybe have not yet heard the Gospel before even though this blog does that I think my new blog will target a new group of people and give them a chance to partake in conversation and read about things that they may relate to especially from woman to woman.  We all go through a lot of the same things but sometimes there isn’t a place for you to go to or person you can go to and talk to about things that may be happening in your life and God has given me this idea to just reach out to those who may be in need of encouragement and need to be poured into.

I post on my blog every Monday, Tuesday and Friday and each day has a different theme. Modest Beauty Mondays are geared towards women.  I will touch on things that many Christian women may be dealing with or uplifting things that are meant to lead women back to the Gospel and encourage them.  Table Talk Tuesdays are for current news and random topics that I feel like addressing that deal with things pertaining to the faith.  I don’t have a name for Fridays yet but it will come to me.  Let me know if you have any ideas for that.  I think Fridays will be for interviews that I might have conducted, a featured poet of the week, or maybe just some testimonies I have heard and want to share.  So please check out the new blog and I want it to be very interactive so comment and follow and lets talk ladies (and gents).  So please CLICK HERE to visit my new blog Modestly Be(You)tiful.

Side note to LADIES ONLY : Write me and let me know what you would like me to write about. What things are pressing to you as a women that you would like to have a discussion about with your fellow sisters in Christ. Comment below and let me know.

Grace and peace everyone.

Christian ladies: Nail art? yes or no? Your opinion

Hello and grace and peace to you all. So one thing that most people don’t know is that I have a love for the arts and I mean all art from performing to visual arts. And recently I have been getting into nail art. Now I know I advocate for modesty and I know all is vanity but it is an art for m it just doesn’t include the paper. God made everything on this earth for his glory and lately I’ve been struggling with the question of whether or not my interest in nail art can some being glory to God.  Then I got to thinking and realized that we can all have hobbies and even have jobs that are centered in our very interest but we aren’t to be engrossed in them to the point of taking our focus off of God. And also remembering that there are ways in which we can bring God and the gospel to the center of what we do. It can turn into a way to engage people and show them who you are in Christ. How? Be creative but stay true.

I recently got an idea to go to homeless shelters and do women and young girls’ nails and give them grooming products which would help the women especially to look well groomed maybe for job interviews.  In doing that I can also hold bible studies while there and talk about my testimony which would be relatable considering other women and young girls  might have gone through the same things and it could show them that through Christ they too can be delivered. Through that I could also talk about why modesty is important in the daily life of women and show them scriptures such as 1 Peter 3:3 which talks about hat modesty is and then show them how to apply it in their own lives.

So ladies I would like to know if you would like to see a new series on my blog showing some nice neat sophisticated and tasteful nail designs with tutorials included so that you can achieve the designs yourselves.  I know some of you might be the nail salon goers but I can show you some DIY ways to achieve that same salon polished look. Please comment or like if you would like that idea.  who knows there could be a few giveaways so please let me know.

Grace and peace ladies. God Bless:-)

My most recent nail art venture

My most recent nail art venture: Wild Roses