Good Gossip: Some Thoughts on Sharing The Gospel

After reading this I came to realize just that there are many ways in which we can spread the Gospel. Everyone isn’t good at starting conversations but there are outlets like social media that can allow for open discussion and make those that are somewhat less open more comfortable and able to share the gospel with no shame. Its important to be authentic with people though. We can’t approach people in a legalistic and mater of fact type of way. be honest and learn who people are and the lifestyle they live. Getting to understand them is just as important a them understanding you and the Gospel that saves us. We are all sinners and we all make mistakes; that’s why we need Jesus. Don’t make anyone feel inferior or uncomfortable, make them feel loved as Jesus would.

Enjoy and God Bless! =)


by Anonymous

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to share the gospel.  And to be clear, there are many faithful ways to share the gospel and there are different kinds of evangelists.  No one should assume that their way is the way to do evangelism, or that they have arrived at the perfect methodology.  Yet as I have stumbled forward in my journey to faithfully witness for Jesus, I feel that God has taught me some practical ways to be bold, wise, and winsome.  The following are some basic things I try to keep in mind when sharing the gospel with Muslims, hipsters, homosexuals, or anyone who is not yet a believer.

1. Listen Well
A missionary to Kazakhstan once told me that if you’re willing to listen, you’ll always get to share the gospel.  I’ve found this to be true.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer speaks of listening as a ministry, even…

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