What to wear??

Lately I have been doing a tiny bit of online shopping and by the way I am not a frequent shopper but lately I have been quietly browing just see what I like.  When I was younger my style was very different and I was just trying to “fit in”. But now I have been growing and maturing not only in my faith but also professionally and just in general.  I am no longer a teenager and I don’t want to dress like one.  I have found lately that a lot of women my age (20) and older are starting to dress a bit trashy for lack of better terms.  I think as we grow and mature our style of dress should too.  I feel sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. Now this is not to say that I go around passing judgement on other people based on how they are dressed.  I simply look at those who draw a lot of attention to themselves by wearing revealing, short, unbecoming, extra baggy, or extra tight clothing. This goes for boys too. I think the whole wear your pants below your waist thing is getting out of hand. I’m sure that most boys by their jeans about 2 sizes to big just so they can sag a bit which is kind of disgusting because everyone can see your behind.  Anyways my point is simply that as adults we should carry ourselves in a respectable mature manner and that includes how we dress.  I just recently got a job at an elementary school as a lunch room and recess monitor and being that I am going to be around kids and other working professionals I think its necessary to dress appropriately and tastefully.  I don’t want to wear anything tight or revealing because young children are impressionable. I definitely do not want the girls especially to go home and say “mommy I wanna dress in clothes like Ms. Tisha!”  when all of my clothing is inappropriate. I also think as Christians we have to be careful not to wear anything that sends anyone the wrong message. If I see a Christian young woman wearing a short tight skirt with low cut top and a whole lot of makeup I would assume that she is highly confused and that she needs more guidance but others might think something a whole lot worse.  Now I am not saying you should dress like your grandma but we should at least be covered up in clothing that is not too tight or way to big or too short.  So I looked at a few things recently that a lot of Christian young women would like.

I often shop at forever21+ and being that I am plus size its hard to find clothing stores that sell nice clothing for plus size women.  But Forever21+ is pretty good.  This shirt is only $10 and it is not too low cut and it has a  nice message on it. Its long enough and its loose enough and I think it would be nice to wear casually but its very classy and chic. I wouldn’t recommend everything on this site but I do think you can look for yourself to see what you like.


This is a sweat shirt from JCLU Forever which is an online Christian clothing store for women.  A lot of the messages on the shirts and T-shirts are based on scriptures from the bible.  I totally recommend this site.  The clothing is priced anywhere from about $18 -$30 with a shipping cost of about $5 and I actually just ordered a sweat shirt from there and I cannot wait to get it! The clothing is definitely laid back and cool I know not everyone is into the previous style so this is a nice alternative. To see more  clothing from their site you can just CLICK HERE.

Other items that are nice are blazers which I like a lot and dresses. Once again dresses and should be a good length I would say about no more than 3 to 4 in above the knee and they shouldn’t be too tight.  Shorts can also be nice during this season if worn with tights or stockings. Shorts should be pretty loose and not too short.

outfit ideas 001

These are a couple of outfit ideas. I think these are very nice and you can look nice without showing a bunch of skin or wearing skin tight clothing. I put these outfits together using polyvore its a cool site you can use to put outfits together.  If you want to try any one of these looks check out sites and stores like Forever21 , JCLU , Old Navy, TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Burlington Coat Factory and H&M.  These stores carry a bunch of other types of clothing but my advice to you is try everything on and make sure its not too tight or too short and be mindful of wearing anything that might draw any unwanted attention.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!


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