Where is He?

Where is He?.


Empowered by The Holy Spirit

I have been gone for a while I know! My mind was clouded and crowded with a bunch of stuff and I just called out to God and he reassured me that he will take care of everything that I have no reason to be worrying about anything.  All we need to do is focus on the Lord and seek the kingdom of  God and everything we need will be added unto us and everything we are going through will be put away for need not worry about to tomorrow because tomorrow will handle itself (Matt. 6:25-34).   I have had some rough times and a lot of tears but I have dealt with it by calling out to God.  I realize we cannot just open up the bible and decide to just meditate on the word of God just to say we did it.  If we don’t continue to long for God to call out to him to earnestly seek him, what we do doesn’t matter. What is the sense of reading if we are not reading to not only learn more about our God but also just to be in communion with him. We should feel the holy spirit working in us when we are reading and praying and doing all that we do unto God. Whether its meditating on his word or reading devotionals or listening to a sermon we don’t  do it because we have to we do it because we want to and because we long for our heavenly father. In knowing that the power of god is working in your life you can complete the tasks that God has given you.  Now for a long time I have been contemplating how I am going to tell my mother that I am married and how I am going to leave he house in peace.  And thru reading devotionals and scripture I thought I would gain the answer but I realized I was not calling out to God and I thought the answer would just appear.  It wasn’t until today that i actually called out to him.  Asking him to just relieve me of my burdens and give me answers to the issues in which I was troubled with.  I got the answer and I plan on completing the task at which God has made clear to me will be no easy one but nothing is easy and this life in Christ is about long suffering and sacrifice.  I watched a video of Paul Washer who is a pastor and he probably does not sound anything like most american pastors today.  It was through him that God gave me the message to earnestly seek Him.  He wanted me to realize that I can’t just expect things from him but that I must yearn to be with him and that I must not linger and dibble dabble in scripture to try and figure things out on my own. How will we see how he is working in us if we try to do everything without him? It doesn’t make sense. I want to post the video so that you can receive the same message that I have.  I pray that you continue to diligently see God and be in communion with him.

Scripture of the day: Matthew 6 (click to read)



What to wear??

Lately I have been doing a tiny bit of online shopping and by the way I am not a frequent shopper but lately I have been quietly browing just see what I like.  When I was younger my style was very different and I was just trying to “fit in”. But now I have been growing and maturing not only in my faith but also professionally and just in general.  I am no longer a teenager and I don’t want to dress like one.  I have found lately that a lot of women my age (20) and older are starting to dress a bit trashy for lack of better terms.  I think as we grow and mature our style of dress should too.  I feel sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. Now this is not to say that I go around passing judgement on other people based on how they are dressed.  I simply look at those who draw a lot of attention to themselves by wearing revealing, short, unbecoming, extra baggy, or extra tight clothing. This goes for boys too. I think the whole wear your pants below your waist thing is getting out of hand. I’m sure that most boys by their jeans about 2 sizes to big just so they can sag a bit which is kind of disgusting because everyone can see your behind.  Anyways my point is simply that as adults we should carry ourselves in a respectable mature manner and that includes how we dress.  I just recently got a job at an elementary school as a lunch room and recess monitor and being that I am going to be around kids and other working professionals I think its necessary to dress appropriately and tastefully.  I don’t want to wear anything tight or revealing because young children are impressionable. I definitely do not want the girls especially to go home and say “mommy I wanna dress in clothes like Ms. Tisha!”  when all of my clothing is inappropriate. I also think as Christians we have to be careful not to wear anything that sends anyone the wrong message. If I see a Christian young woman wearing a short tight skirt with low cut top and a whole lot of makeup I would assume that she is highly confused and that she needs more guidance but others might think something a whole lot worse.  Now I am not saying you should dress like your grandma but we should at least be covered up in clothing that is not too tight or way to big or too short.  So I looked at a few things recently that a lot of Christian young women would like.

I often shop at forever21+ and being that I am plus size its hard to find clothing stores that sell nice clothing for plus size women.  But Forever21+ is pretty good.  This shirt is only $10 and it is not too low cut and it has a  nice message on it. Its long enough and its loose enough and I think it would be nice to wear casually but its very classy and chic. I wouldn’t recommend everything on this site but I do think you can look for yourself to see what you like.


This is a sweat shirt from JCLU Forever which is an online Christian clothing store for women.  A lot of the messages on the shirts and T-shirts are based on scriptures from the bible.  I totally recommend this site.  The clothing is priced anywhere from about $18 -$30 with a shipping cost of about $5 and I actually just ordered a sweat shirt from there and I cannot wait to get it! The clothing is definitely laid back and cool I know not everyone is into the previous style so this is a nice alternative. To see more  clothing from their site you can just CLICK HERE.

Other items that are nice are blazers which I like a lot and dresses. Once again dresses and should be a good length I would say about no more than 3 to 4 in above the knee and they shouldn’t be too tight.  Shorts can also be nice during this season if worn with tights or stockings. Shorts should be pretty loose and not too short.

outfit ideas 001

These are a couple of outfit ideas. I think these are very nice and you can look nice without showing a bunch of skin or wearing skin tight clothing. I put these outfits together using polyvore its a cool site you can use to put outfits together.  If you want to try any one of these looks check out sites and stores like Forever21 , JCLU , Old Navy, TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Burlington Coat Factory and H&M.  These stores carry a bunch of other types of clothing but my advice to you is try everything on and make sure its not too tight or too short and be mindful of wearing anything that might draw any unwanted attention.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Makeup…Is it wrong to wear and like???

Ok so I know a few people have read my poem and liked it and I am glad you did.  It took me a while to figure that poem all out to be quite honest because I was struggling with appearance I guess.  The reason I say I guess is because I was not big on wearing makeup but I did wear it  from time to time and I thought to myself one day “hmmm, Tisha why do you really wear makeup??”.  I have to be honest and say I like the way it looks on me sometimes and that can be detrimental.  I know you are thinking like “since when is wearing makeup a sin” but its not wearing makeup that’s the sin.  I think that it promotes vanity which is a sin because you are, for that moment of putting on makeup, really being into yourself.  Now I will pose this question. If makeup never existed, what then would you have done to enhance or play up your look? Nothing! lol.  Its not that makeup itself makes girls be really into themselves but it sends a message (the makeup companies send the message) that in order to look good and make it appear to yourself or other that you have flawless great skin you should buy the stuff and wear it.  I will say that wearing makeup for me was more of an experiment.  Did I like it? Sometimes.  Did it enhance my face? Yes. Did it give me the look of having flawless skin? Yes.  Did I like eye shadow colors and lip colors? Yes.  Did I like nail polish and other forms of cosmetics? Yes.  Did I receive compliments on any of it? Yes.  Did it give me a big head? At times.  Is that a good thing? No!  So I find that in wearing it I did allow a quiet confidence to sneak in an catch me which is a no no! The only confidence we should have as Christian Women is in our father God.  Now when you allow your confidence to lie in things like makeup it becomes an issue. So first it produces vanity, and now it produces a sense of pride or arrogance.  So you may also be wondering where in the bible does it mention cosmetics.  truthfully it doesn’t mention makeup BUT it mentions vanity and pride!  and you can find this in Psalms 39:5-6 which says “Indeed, You have made my days as handbreadths, And my age is as nothing before You; Certainly every man at his best state is but vapor. Selah Surely every man walks about like a shadow; Surely they busy themselves in vain; He heaps up riches, And does not know who will gather them. I also read an article about cosmetics and some of the information I took from it is that the ancient Egyptians were of the first people to wear makeup.  It promoted vanity back then too and it makes sense that God really wanted for those people to leave Egypt because there were just way too many sinful things the people were engaged in.  I also found out that the word cosmetics comes from the Greek word Kosmos which means world or worldly and we know that God does not want us to be of the world(John 15:19).  When looking at the meaning of the word mascara, aside from the fact that you hear the word mask in it, the word masquerade stems from it. So now putting it all together what do we get? Well from what I have read it seems that cosmetics are just products that promote vanity and gives women (and sometimes men) a mask to wear in order to fit in with the world and its traditions.  Now stop wearing the stuff!!!  Lol ok so I can’t actually force anyone or try and make people stop wearing the stuff. As a matter of fact that’s not even the point of this post.  I really would just like to inform everyone about   some things they might not have known about makeup.  I used to wear it and still own a lot of the stuff still.  I do watch YouTube videos on how to apply the stuff and what ever else and I know what you thinking, “why the heck are you telling us this then”; well I too am struggling with it.  Reading God’s word and finding out what kind of affect the cosmetics industry actually has on women will allow me and hopefully other who read this to think twice before putting on make up or buying it.  What are you actually trying to achieve by wearing it and is it something that God will approve of?  For those Christian women who are married, what does your husband think about you wearing makeup and do you know what the bible says concerning your outward appearance? Read 1 Peter 3:3-5 and you will see that makeup is something we really aren’t suppose to wear at all because we are not suppose to focus on outward appearance but more so our inner beauty with a meek and quiet spirit because its is precious to God. Besides all that I am just a huge advocate of being yourself and I am now starting to feel that God is revealing to me a the truth about what makeup can actually do to a (Christian) women whose identity is not suppose to be based upon the world’s perception of her because her identity truly lays in Christ.  Anyway I know I can be long winded so I will end it saying that I am going to pray that all of us who wear makeup start seeing ourselves in the beautiful image that God made us in.

Love God, Love people, and hate sin!