Covergirl ( a poem)

Eye shadow the real me.
Conceal so they can’t see.
Contour to fit the mold
One look and I’m sold.
Its Prime time gotta get ready
Make sure everything’s steady.
Powder here Powder there
Under eye make sure its clear
Of any baggage or wrinkles
and make sure those eyes twinkle.
Eye line the them up, pluck and tweeze
 a flawless finish is how I aim to please
Can’t forget the mascara; make sure to 
mask errors and not too much lets not
let the mask scare her…lets be subtle
but build it up and make it double.
Not one flaw for perfection is due
No acne or black heads poking through.
Wow she looks as beautiful as a rose
I suppose…no thorns just the stem
As perfect as a precious gem
with lips as red as the petals but…
be careful not to meddle, for one touch
can ruin the facade, imperfect the perfection
and leave her with her daunting reflection.
Once it all melts away so does her self-esteem
As if she lives in a dream from day to night
Secure in the darkness always hiding in the light.
Eye shadow the real me.
Conceal so the they can’t see.
Contour to fit the mold
One look and I’m sold
If  you’re looking for perfection it doesn’t live here.
But I am sorry if that’s how it may appear.
This face I have put on is fake and untrue
Its the mask I wear everyday to fool you.
And I have fooled myself in the process 
Tried to stop it but I’ve made no progress.
So many of us fall into the this worldly trap 
But only some of us get out and never look back.
Now whats left if everything else about you is a lie.
There is one solution to this if you would give it a try.
And that’s Jesus, and he is perfection without a doubt.
He is the standard; its him we we can’t live without.
Forget what others in this world may think of you.
Don’t be fake; live the way Christ would want you to.
Let your light shine and brighten up the darkness.
Don’t conceal just be you and let God be your harness.
Eye shadowed the real me
Concealed so no one could see.
Contoured to fit the mold
No longer am I sold.
No more hiding in the darkness, I am found.
I have grasped on to Christ this time around
I am wretched pitiful poor blind and naked 
And if I hold on to insecurities I won’t make it.
I know it won’t get any better in this dying world. 
So I focus on the cross and not on being a cover girl.

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