Technology and your personal life

I just want to get something out there that most people probably have been catching on to and if not hopefully I shed some light on it for you today.  SO anyways, I go on YouTube this morning and I click sign in and I notice the page just refreshes.  SO I look up the problem and see if its just me for if anyone else experienced the same issue and it turns out that google addresses it in their forum. I find out that I have to remove the cookies from my browser. Now all that means is that all the sites that you normally go on that you have to sign in to already have you signed in when you go to the site. Now when you remove them you end up just having to type in your user name and password.  That was cool with me even though I tend to forget passwords but either way I cleared all the cookies and I was finally able to sign in to youtube.  But after signing in I noticed that my real full name was displayed which for those of you who don’t know is Latisha, but everyone calls me Tisha.  I sat and thought for a while asking why the heck is my full name showing up and so I say ok let me go ahead and make a user name.  I go to my profile settings and I go to change my display name and low and behold I basically can’t.  Google has a new rule now that says all users have to go by their real full name because its more realistic and people will be able to know who you are and recognize you because they know your real name.  Now first of all I thought the point of usernames were to be unique because a lot of people have the same first and last names so therefore you wouldn’t be able to know who is who especially if they don’t have a picture or something.  So I see options for you to pick how your name can be displayed and none of them give you the option of choosing the nickname they let you create and f.y.i the nick name cannot be your first name so don’t try and put it there thinking you name will be displayed like that by itself cause it won’t.  but I started thinking what if I don’t want anyone to know my real name.  Not that I have something to hide but just for privacy’s sake.  I mean its not like I’m applying for a job or signing something super important. Its just watching and posting videos.  And then I started thinking well what about those people who made usernames in the past how come their usernames are displayed but now if anyone tried to sign up they don’t have the option of choosing a username at all.  I don’t think we should get on these websites and just sing up anymore we should really think about the kind of info we are putting out there before we just sign up for these accounts.  Anyways I just wanted to let you guys know to be cautious and careful about these websites you sign up for.. A lot of times viruses can get onto your computer through these sites and its because of the cookies the websites have that enable them to remember your information and spammers can get ahold of that and ruin you computers. God bless guys and BE CAREFUL!




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