The Power of God Through Ministry

I am on a roll today just thinking and letting God just enter my mind with great words and thoughts and I have seen and heard of a few things late and had some new ideas and I just want to share with you all just a little bit of what God has put on my mind.  For some time now I have been thinking about starting my own ministry specifically aimed at young women because there is just so much going on today in the lives of young women that really isn’t healthy or helpful for their spirit, mind, or body.  One day as I was sitting down talking to my fiance about some things that a couple of my old friends and I had gone through when were were younger and I God was speaking to me saying you and your friends’ testimonies could be so much help to so many other young ladies out in the world today.  So after a long thought process I came up with this idea to start bible studies at my house with any ladies that were willing to come out and hear the word of God and let Him just open their hearts and hopefully through doing this I could really spread the Gospel and give god the Glory and praise and worship he deserves.  Wee serve an awesome God one that really loves us! Christ is sooooooo faithful and so worthy to be praised.  A man who lived to serve God so perfect and so pure. A man who was made a sacrifice for us sinners and gave his life to save ours.  His own father CRUSHED him because on that cross he became the very thing God hated which was sin and it was a powerful thing he did that should make us feel so grateful and and so love first of all. How many of us can say that we would die for someone. How many of your friends would actually die for you?  Let me just say that God definitely still got the glory after doing this to his only begotten son and because of this we should all be bowing down to this Man.  A man who loved us so much he that he  paid a dreadful price for our sins. Then this man rose!!!!!!! And when he rose many did not believe this! He rose and lives eternally in heaven with his holy father!  He is the reason we live! He will be coming back and may of us are not prepared for this.  so many people are still drenched in sin thinking that they are going to make it to heaven but they are not.  Now I am in no way saying you should be saved so you can just go to heaven because then you are giving your life to Christ for the wrong reason.  Even if God sends you to hell you should fear him and love him and worship him, why? Because no matter what he will still be an awesome most powerful merciful graceful God and still be your master.  You get what you deserve and all of us are not going to be in heaven especially if our lives are not lived according to how God wanted us to live. Now, I bring up the Gospel because I want everyone to know that its the basis of our lives as Christians.  We cannot go on as Christians without knowing about  who Jesus was and who he came to be.  He is our savior and we need to know why and how.  Now, being a disciple to someone or a group of people is not an easy task. Jesus had 12 disciples and many of them went on to preach about Jesus and his miracles  and about the Gospel and they did this knowing that they could be persecuted, made fun of, mistreated and called liars and blasphemers and everything under the sun but these men were unashamed and they helped so many people see that Christ is real. In a ministry there should be discipleship also. We can’t have people leaving the ministry with empty minds and empty hearts.  They should be filled with the holy spirit and too many times we see a ministry that leads people especially young people no where towards the path of righteousness.  I feel that a ministry’s job is to show people how to live a life that is free of sin and to make sure that people receive the word of God in the best way possible and learn how to apply it to their lives.  In a ministry for young women I want to make sure that I am helping these ladies to learn about the true Gospel and to create a discipleship hopefully with some of them if not all.  I want to make sure first and foremost that I can relay the right message from God to these young women and let the holy spirit fill my heart and the hearts of the young women so that I can sink deeply into the word of God and help them to see how they can apply the word of God into their own lives.  A lot of times there is no reality in what a lot of pastors and ministers preach to these young women and therefore they begin to feel as if there is no connection between how they are living and what God says in the bible.  Through my testimonies I hope to get through to these women and in no way do I want to force into anything. But I do want to allow them to see what Christ has done for me in my life and how I overcame many things.  As I previously stated I want to start off with a bible study group and just have prayer meetings and things of that sort.  I want to start out with young women I know like my friends that have not quite accepted Christ into their hearts yet and those that think they’re Christians but they are still living carnal lifestyles.  And for those who are reading this I hope to maybe give someone the idea of starting their own bible study group or ministry.  I think there needs to be more Christians out there who are willing to do as God wants us to do which is spread the  Gospel.

Scripture of the day:  Matt 21:43-44

43 “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it. 44 And whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.”


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