Craig Lewis and EX Ministries–What are you doing?!?!

Ok so I’m sure a lot of you have heard of G Craig Lewis and his EX Ministry and all of the videos he has out exposing a bunch of people in the music industry mainly hip hop artists and exposing pastors he claims are false prophets and such.  But I am not here to tell you about his videos and such I don’t even want to insult him or anything and he obviously does a great job exposing people so I am sure he isn’t new to what I am about to do; EXPOSE HIM!  So here is this pastor telling people about hip hop and why its bad and exposing pastors that have said and done things that contradict the word of God and go against the teachings of the bible.  Now i guess this man has good intentions but how am I to know that if he isn’t trying to tell anyone about being delivered or coming to Christ.  Most of his messages are about exposing artists like Jay Z and Kanye and even rappers that are preaching the gospel in their music like Lecrae.  I’ll admit I used to think this guy was speaking some truth and I actually agreed with a lot of what he was saying and he did back some of what he said up with scripture in some of the videos that I’ve watched. But when everything you say is all about exposing people and illuminati and even bashing hip hop calling it satanic you do your followers no favors by only highlighting the bad.  How are they to know how to be delivered from sin if all you talk about is not listening to secular artists cause they will lead people to hell.  Well duuhh we all know that secular music is not music that is of God.  But not all secular music is destructive to one’s spirit.  First of all how can he call hip hop satanic if its really just poetry with a beat behind it.  We should not judge the artist based of of the genre they are listed under but rather the content of the music they put out.  I had a huge problem when He started attacking Lecrae and Reach Records. First of all just to tell you a little bit about Lecrae and the Reach Records artists, the are all Christians and nothing the rap about has anything to do with worldly things.  They rap about desiring Christ and living of Christ and they even back up a lot of what they say with scripture.  The content of their music is what I wish young people now a days would listen to instead of popular hip hop that only talks about money sex drugs sensuality and even atheism.  The artists of Reach Records and other Christian artists have all done a great job ministering to a lot of people in ways that some pastors can’t what with all the corruption we have in churches today where pastors are leading most of their members straight to hell.  What makes Craig Lewis any different from those pastors if he isn’t teaching people anything about repentance or about the Gospel for that matter.  We can listen to this man expose people all we want but what good does that do a sinner who is looking to Jesus to come into his heart and change his life.  He also made a claim that he delivers people and he can’t be more wrong.  The only one who can deliver people from sin is JESUS!!! I once heard a sermon by Paul Washer who is one of the best pastors I have ever heard preach in my life, and I say “one of” because there are two other ones that are also very good by the names of John Piper and John McArther.  Either way Paul Washer said “You have the authority to tell [people] the Gospel, You have the authority to tell [people] how to be saved, You have the authority to teach [people] biblical principals of assurance, BUT You have NO authority to tell [people] they are saved! That is the work of the Holy Spirit!”.  Now its interesting that Paul Washer says this because they are so many pastors out there who are telling people they are saved but God did not give them the authority to do so.  Also they leave people stuck without any direction as to where do they go what do they do how do they do what they are suppose to do as a new creature in Christ.  That’s why there are so many Carnal Christians in the world today.  They are people who call them selves Christians but still live a very worldly lifestyle and don’t bear any good fruit.  Now, after watching this video I took away from it one very important question and it was “Can a Christian live in a continuous state of carnality all the days of their life and not bearing  fruit and truly be a Christian?” and the answer is “Absolutely Not”.  I say bring this up to say this: Craig Lewis is sitting here talking about how he delivers people but how if it is not your duty to do so!?  Also how can you sit and talk about what these people are not suppose to be listening to and who they aren’t suppose to follow and not tell them about any other sins and how they are not to be of this world and that they are suppose to be in their spiritual minds not the natural!! If they truly accept Christ in their hearts and can call themselves true Christians they would know not to listen to that kind of music in the first place. That should have been taken care of! Therefore all that’s left for him to do is to to preach the word of God and help steer the hearts and minds of Christians to God.  But I just pray that anyone who listens to this man and hangs on his every word knows that he isn’t teaching you anything valuable at all.  Learn all your lessons from the word of God and know that there are false prophets every where.


6 thoughts on “Craig Lewis and EX Ministries–What are you doing?!?!

  1. thnx for the post..look i used to like this Craige Lewis..and his sermons but when he bashed LeCrae..he lost relevance..why coz he’s destroying a brother who is building with him..CMR/Reach/Lampmode/Gotee…et al have done great things for the body…he complains abt secular lyrics but aint nothing carnal about the 116 clique’s lyrics….I used to listen to Nas a lot…but when i got born again..i let God…dictate my runnings and to tell the truth Christian rap has led me closer to God….so for him to say Satanic…Wen the very essence of the 116clique is being unashamed of Christ..Romans 1:16….it defeats the whole purpose

    • I still read his blog from time to time but I have a problem with how if you disagree with his blogs or others who comment, he will not allow you to post. The people who comment seem to have so much hate in their hearts. It’s almost like a gang. If you don’t agree with them then you are evil and worship the devil.

      • I totally agree. I was reading a lot of the comments and they all seem to like hang on his every word and those who do not agree basically get kicked to the curb and he condones the rudeness and he is also somewhat rude himself. He is not very Christlike in that aspect.

      • This is what you see and believe. We all know that people see and understand things differently. Here we have a post and topic that isn’t getting any worth responses. The poster said he agrees with a lot of what G. Craig Lewis says but as soon as his sore spot was hit, he reverted to unbelief. Sounds just like what the enemy of God does. Feelings are hurt and bickering begins. Then rebellion sets in, then a wolf pack mentality starts to form. If you believe G. Craig’s messages, continue to grow with his messages. The Hiphop culture was birthed by evil so there isn’t any good from it.

      • The poster is a she (I am the poster). And I would appreciate it if you did not mislead the readers about what I wrote a bout Mr. Lewis. First of all rebellion can’t start if someone isn’t rebelling. God gets the glory out of everything we do in life, correct? So how is God receiving glory out of someone talking about what THEY think is illuminati. How are we bringing people the gospel by telling them what music they shouldn’t listen to. I could see if he brought Christ into the equation and the cross but he doesn’t. All I ever hear in his videos is who people shouldn’t listen to. The enemy of God doesn’t agree with anything good sir. And that’s pretty evil to make such a rash statement as that one comparing me to the enemy. Do you know Mr. Lewis peraonally? Does he give you any incite into his own life. What has God delivered him from? Do you know how he treats his wife if he has one or his children if he has them? If you can’t answer yes to those questions then sir how can you assume that people will grow and learn from his messages about what music people shouldn’t listen to. I won’t grow in Christ based off of dvds about bad music. And sir God brought me to the conclusion that Mr. Lewis wasn’t teaching me anything about the Gospel. As far as hip hop is concerned I know Gospel artist whose songs don’t point to Christ and point more to themselves. In fact many of them have done the things mentioned in in disgusting violent evil hip hop lyrics. The music I listen to always points me to Christ. Oh and the artists I listen to are very candid about who they are in Christ and have been quite transparent about what goes on in their lives and their struggles. So now tell me what have you personally learned from Mr. Lewis in the context of the gospel?

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