The Art of Giving

So as Christians we are not suppose to be hesitant to give or share for that matter.  But lately its like I have been allowing myself to fall into mood where I feel like my money is mine and I want to do what I want with it and when I get money I usually call it mine! especially if I get it for my birthday or something like that.  So the most recent situation that happened was that I got money for babysitting yesterday and My aunt gave me money for my birthday. I know my fiance needed money to pay a couple of his bills and I told him I would give him my baby sitting money to help him out.  I originally told him that I would pay the bill for him since he didn’t have the money.  I realize that as a soon to be married couple we really have to start getting used to the act of splitting everything 50/50.  So I gave him some of my birthday money on top of the babysitting money and I know I should not be holding dear to my money but I started feeling a little upset afterward that I gave away most of the money I received.  I think part of the reason I don’t like giving it away is because I feel like I’m not going to have any left for my own use and I don’t have job to make the money back and my fiance doesn’t always have money to give me because he has bills to pay and I technically don’t lol.  So I am working on saving the money I do have because most times i don’t need to spend I just want things and if I have the money I get it.  But it doesn’t always have to be that way and lately that has been my biggest issue.  I need to pray about it because I cannot go on buying things that I do not need; its not wise. As far as giving goes we should always give to those who ask and if someone needs to borrow something we are not suppose to turn them away (Matt:5:42). What that means is that we should not hesitate to give to those who are in need.  Even if we assume they may not need it for a good reason we should still be kind and give from our hearts.  Even though I know this, I still have to bare with my fiance and others because they may need it more than I do and I know I don’t have bills to pay.  I know if I needed the money my fiance would give it to me but I may want things that he may not want to give me money for which is why I prefer to keep money in my account for small purchases every now and then.  My point is that no matte what we should never hesitate to give or hold on to money as if our lives depend on it because it doesn’t.  Jesus is what our lives are about and money is just something we need to get by but we should not forget that God is our #1 provider.

Scripture for today: II Corinthians 9:7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.


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